Kung Foolery

Here’s a little bit of fluff that I wrote from a prompt (“I know Kung Fu”) for the writer’s group I’m in. “I know Kung Fu.” “What?” “I said I know Kung Fu.” “Kung Foot?” “Fu. Kung Fu.” “Yeah, so do I. He owns that takeout place down on 23rd.” “No, no, no! This isn’t [...]

A Brief Word About Pandas

A piece of glurge recently landed in my inbox by accident, one that is a pictorial love letter to the Panda. While I have nothing against the little black and white beasts, I can’t help but feel a rant coming on whenever I hear of efforts to continue propagation of the species… because they’re so [...]

This Guy’s Favorite Moments from Chick Flicks

A writer friend of mine has a sidebar on one of her blogs that features her favorite moments from chick flicks. I liked this idea, and thought about putting in scenes from my favorite guy movies. Then it hit me that doing this would be easy. Too easy. What better challenge is there than to [...]

Top Ten Possible Endings of “Lost”

I figure at least one of these will be right and that I will be hailed as a genius once All Is Revealed… 10) On a previously unexplored part of the island, the Statue of Liberty is found half-buried in the sand amid cries of “Damn you all to hell!” 9) One of the women [...]

The 21 Best Albums of the 21st Century

When the last decade ended, all of my Last.fm friends fired up their iPods and word processors to turn in their lists of the 21 best albums of the 21st Century. I wanted to do this too, so I fired up the Quantum Computer to do a peek ahead and determine what 21 albums truly [...]

Was That The Way He Was?

The Drudge Report is now linking to a news story about a former employee of post-retirement Walter Cronkite who is currently shopping around a posthumous “nasty tell-all book” about America’s most beloved newsman. Supposedly, the tome paints a picture of a Cronkite much different than the one we had come see as “the most trusted [...]

Obama Bobbles Oath of Office; Al Franken to Contest Inauguration Results

In related news, Oliver Stone announced that he will write and produce a new movie, “The Shadow President,” based on the faulty swearing-in. When reminded that President Obama was a Democrat, he suddenly announced that the film would be “something about Dick Cheney.”


Barack Obama is promising to bring change if elected. Now you can experience Obama’s brand of change first-hand, before you vote, to see if you like his policies. All you need is a Monopoly game. It might not be easy or fun – but it will give you a real taste of things to come! [...]


My daughter occasionally posts what she calls “Conversation Collages” on her blog or Facebook page. I’ve long thought that was neat, and thought that was something I’d like to do, but I don’t have her ear for statements which sound interesting when taken out of context. I’m old school. I tend to pick up comments [...]

“And lo, Satan entered unto a land of the south”

Here’s a little bit of lunacy that I wrote for the journal of my Last.fm account. I thought it was neglected and decided to give it a run here. Enjoy! The Book of Daniels, Chapter 13 1. And lo, it came to pass that people called on the Lord. 2. And because of those souls [...]


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