Oh, Fudge!

Where to come down on the idea of cussin’ in one’s books? I’ve gotten away from it for the most part, mostly because I’m a Christian and try hard not to use it myself. But I’ve also sat through enough TV versions of films where the language is softened, and for the most part the [...]

Blame it on Bierce

Caution: Due to subject matter, spoilers abound. If you don’t want to learn shocking surprises like Soylent Green is made of people, do not read the following. I’ve been cheated by my favorite television program. Tuesday night I knew going in that Dr. Gregory House was going to be shot by a former patient, and [...]

Fight Club

My wife got clocked by a goat over the weekend. Really. She was over at a cousin’s house helping my daughter, the future goatherd, get acquainted with her future herd. One of the goats that (thankfully) will not be making the trip over bounded toward my wife and rammed its head into her chin. I [...]


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