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The Kindle Blues

I thought that people who did a lot of reading were supposed to be smart. See, at the end of 2008 I ordered an Amazon Kindle, and it arrived at the end of February in 2009. I love it. It’s a brilliant device that does one thing – let you read – really, really, really [...]

Canine Inflation, or, How Much Is That Labracockabegaschauzabernadinedoodle in the Window?

Once upon a time, a German Shepherd was passing through town with his briefcase full of wares, when, on his way through a residential neighborhood, a familiar pheomonal call filled his rather elaborate sinuses. He did what any red-blooded American dog would do and jumped the fence, and found on the other side a very desirable and willing female Laborador. [...]

Your Universe Belongs to Us Now, So Shut Up and Spend Your Money

Disclaimer: I’m not a Harry Potter fan. Haven’t read any of the books. Have seen some of the movies and thought they were all right. But I can’t ignore this. It is getting too big. Or at least annoying. A few days ago, author J.K. Rowling revealed a juicy bit of Harry Potter backstory when [...]

Snakes on a Plane, or, Five Lessons from Hollywood

CONTENT ADVISORY: Some of the links in this post lead to places that use an abundance of naughty words. Even some of the URL’s have cussin’ in them. You have been warned. I really hate to hop on a meme like this, the Internet Flavor of the Month, but it says so much about something [...]


If one of my novels finally made it through the gauntlet into moviedom, I’d be happy. If a novel and a novella made it to film, I’d be thrilled. If I liked the end results, I’d be delirious. And if the film based on the novella won every major film award known to mankind short [...]

An Open Letter to Pat Robertson

Dear Pat, I see you’re in the news again. You’ve turned your hand from praying away hurricanes to calling down the wrath of God on people who irritate you. Like calling for the assassination of the president of Venezuela, or telling the citizens of Dover, PA that God wouldn’t answer the prayer phone if disaster [...]

Bloom v. King

Harold Bloom, recently derided as a self-appointed guardian of American literature, has made known his displeasure over the decision of the National Book Foundation to give their annual award to Stephen King. His contention is that King is getting the award for nothing more than the commercial power of his works. He also takes the [...]

An Audience of Savages (A Rant)

The show must go on, and go on it did. Buffalo Bill fought a bad cold, barely able to croak out his lines at times. Saturday his introduction of Annie Oakley on the motorcycle was handled by another character. Illness continued to spread through the cast, but we carried on and played to our final [...]


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