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Obama Bobbles Oath of Office; Al Franken to Contest Inauguration Results

In related news, Oliver Stone announced that he will write and produce a new movie, “The Shadow President,” based on the faulty swearing-in. When reminded that President Obama was a Democrat, he suddenly announced that the film would be “something about Dick Cheney.”

If I Ran The Zoo

On the radio station I wake up to, the morning show team was talking about the practicality of holding the election on a weekday, when people had to work. They pondered the idea of holding the election on a weekend or making voting day a holiday (The Junior Senator from Illinois advocated taking election day [...]


Barack Obama is promising to bring change if elected. Now you can experience Obama’s brand of change first-hand, before you vote, to see if you like his policies. All you need is a Monopoly game. It might not be easy or fun – but it will give you a real taste of things to come! [...]

Election 2008: By the Numbers

Prompted by my son, I have put up a John McCain yard sign on my Facebook page. I think I would have preferred one that said We’re Screwed ’08, because neither presumptive candidate really has me fired up. For the record, I haven’t been really excited about a Presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan, but we [...]

Why Barack Obama is Currently Trouncing Hillary Clinton in the Primaries

It’s because Hillary has played the gender card more than Obama has played the race card. For that matter, Hillary has even played the race card more than Obama. Obama is running a smart race. The problem is, outside of beating Alan Keyes for the Illinois senate seat, he hasn’t done anything. All he did [...]

Gorefest, or, How Green Was My Answer

I’m posting this at the left-handed behest of a friend of mine. It’s a dream I had, but it was no doubt triggered by a dream he had about me, in which I was married to Nicole Kidman1. He told me that Ms. Kidman was much nicer than he expected, and I told him of [...]

An Open Letter to Pat Robertson

Dear Pat, I see you’re in the news again. You’ve turned your hand from praying away hurricanes to calling down the wrath of God on people who irritate you. Like calling for the assassination of the president of Venezuela, or telling the citizens of Dover, PA that God wouldn’t answer the prayer phone if disaster [...]

Why Do the Arts Lean Left?

The left may own Television and Print, but the right owns Talk Radio and the Internet. There are more conservative blogs out there than can be counted. Many are good. I started reading one in particular because of a tenuous personal connection. Eric calls himself the Viking Pundit (being from the Swedish side of the [...]

The Late Returns

Today’s piece of irresistible sarcasm. I heard that Saddam Hussein got 100% of the vote in Monday’s election in Iraq. I’m not impressed. If he’d had Democratic Party election strategists over there working with him, he could have done 110%, easy. NP – New Order, Get Ready


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