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Horror, Suspense, and Sloppiness

I haven’t succumbed to memery in quite a while, but there’s one going around Facebook right now that gives me some excellent blog fodder, so here we go. This latest invites us to, in honor of impending Halloween, to name our 10 favorite horror movies. When I was first tagged I thought, I can’t do [...]

Harry Must Die

Some years ago, my wife and I were sitting through our umpteenth viewing of Lady and the Tramp with our young daughter. It was the scene where the Trusty, the bloodhound who lost his sense of smell, tracked down the wagon carrying Tramp to the dog pound, causing an accident. Cut to a scene of [...]

Plot Acceleration

I was recently dragged away from writing by my wife, who wanted me to see the encore airing of Fox’s new series Skin. She’d seen about the first 15 or 20 minutes of it early in the week when I was busy writing, and thought I’d like the way the show played with one’s perception [...]


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