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Robert Palmer, R.I.P

Robert Palmer, ’80′s music icon and snappy dresser, has died at the age of 54. Ordinarily I wouldn’t mention this – I tolerated his work but was never really a fan – except I know of someone who is going to be very upset: K, of And/News. The first time Richard sees her, she’s pumping [...]

Out of Control Characters II

After a night of writing like this, it’s hard to keep from gloating. For that matter, it was hard to keep from gloating after last Monday’s session, too. I’ve been really pleased with the results. Last time Richard opened up to K in an unusual way, and tonight he identified and forced K to deal [...]


My wife’s comment on Chapter 14: “That was weird.” Another night of slugging away as the weirdness continues. Vic and Ray are strange characters. I mentioned that they didn’t come out quite like I expected them to, but I think the book is working better for that. In this incarnation, they’re providing the missing piece [...]

Richard Takes Control

Tonight I reached what felt like a natural stopping spot, checked the page count, and decided to push on. This decision was immediately followed by a series of interruptions. When I returned, I decided I was wise to stop where I did. It was getting late, and the scene I am going into is another [...]


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