About Me

If you’ve come here to find the idea behind www.joecliffordfaust.com then you’ve come to the right place because this is where we’ll give you a brief introduction of how we started and what was the purpose behind the creation of this informational site.

The goal behind the creation of this site was to create informational and valuable content for writers to help them make their every piece of writing more creative and productive.

But later we changed our plan and instead of focusing on one simple field of writing we decided to discuss all important kinds of writing such as Technical writing, content writing, web writing, copywriting, academic writing etc.

We have an idea of preparing an encyclopedia of tips for writers so that we may build a platform for writers where they’ll be able to find helpful information regarding their field. We’ll provide the answers to the questions that are never addressed before.

We’re going to build a massive library so stay tuned and enjoy the benefits.