Construction Notice, and a Warning

Wow, it’s been ten months since I did something other than post a book review on these virtual pages.

I know this because I’ve been going through deleting them.

See, I’ve been thinking about firing up the blogging muscles again, just because they’ve been neglected.  And in looking the old place over, I saw that it needed a coat of paint and some spackling over the holes in the drywall.  And there are boxes of stuff that haven’t been touched in ages that need taken out to the trash.

The book reviews are one of those things, little things that were threatening to take over.  Now if you were a fan of those, don’t worry.  There’s now a link in the right column showing the last few books I’ve read, and there’s also a link to my Goodreads author page on the list o’ self-aggrandizing links.  So they haven’t been eliminated, just relocated… although for a long time the appearance of the reviews here has been a duplication of what I’d put first into Goodreads.

JCF poses with a cannon at Trinity Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia

For example, you had to go to my Wikipedia page entry to see this image and suss out that I had been to Russia in 2012. But really, this cannon could have been sitting in front of any old cathedral, right?

So yes, I’m cleaning up a bit and that will include catching you up on what I’ve been up to (for example, I’m 11 chapters into a new novel that hasn’t even been mentioned here; all my SF novels are now available for listening on, which I never mentioned after the fact; and shame on me for not doing a long obituary post for Elmore Leonard, a great writer and American treasure who passed away not too long ago… and I have had some interesting changes to my personal life, but meh…).

So now the warning part: As I was tracking down and zapping the book reviews here, I stumbled on something perfectly annoying – I had somehow missed tagging and categorizing 145 of these posts when I converted the site from Blogger to WordPress.  So I need to go though and do that, preferably soon.  The bad news is that if you have subscribed to this site through e-mail or RSS, this means that the system, which is inherently stupid, will notify you every time I hit the Update button.  So once you start getting notices that make it look like I’ve suddenly become prolific, that’s not the case.  Unless someone at WP had improved the notification algorithm.  I’m letting you know now because I don’t want to be a pain, but this updating is something I really need to do. You have been warned.

So, that’s it for now. More fun and frolic to follow, I think.

One response to “Construction Notice, and a Warning

  1. Hey Joe, good to see you’ve stuck your head up out of the trenches to witness the armistice. ;) Hope things are going well, Sir.

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