Thank You

Yesterday morning I posted a bit of one-off humor. Nothing unusual. I’d done it before without much response.

But some of the powers that be at somehow saw it and were apparently amused enough to put it into yesterday’s Freshly Pressed queue… and I wasn’t quite ready for what came next. Thousands of folks came in to see what a guy had to say about chick flicks. Many left great comments. Others lniked to the page or favorited it or passed it on to someone else in an email. The end result was 2,484 page visitors, 3,565 site hits – and all of you combined placed the page on the WordPress Top 100 Blogs of the Day (check out that familiar lookin’ #70).

You did this!

So I want to thank you all for stopping by to check out my meager attempt at humor. Everyone who read, commented, forwarded, recommended and looked at the page made it an unforgettable day, and I want to thank you all for being a part of it. And thanks to whoever it was at WordPress that pulled my post out of anonymity.

Also, thanks especially to my friend whose sidebar about chick flicks on this blog provided me with the fodder for my little excursion into lunacy.

Tomorrow, back to blogging as normal. If you can call it normal.

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