Tips on learning how to write in a foreign language

To learn a new language is a fun thing to attempt and when you are a person who is passionate about traveling and who loves to talk to different people then you should be able to understand their language in which you have to communicate.

Other than the speaking you should have knowledge about writing those languages as well. Now the problem is how you can master the skills of writing any language you are learning. Have a look at how you can start writing the new language.


Like in English we learn basic alphabets first to identify their shapes and understand that what will be the sound of a particular shape. In the same way, you should take a start of some new languages you are learning in order to write them.

Once you learn basic alphabets of that language and you are all set to identify, you’ll be able to make words by yourself. You can join different alphabets together to form a word and you will get command over it.


There are some popular languages to learn if you have a craze of visiting different places. The best way you can learn new words and you can write a language in a proficient manner is to start writing that language in chats.

We all have phones and there are a different number of language option in there. If there is an option of language you are learning then you should select it and start writing the messages in that language. You will be able to witness the major progress.


You don’t have to jump to the advanced language as soon as you start writing. First, you should start from writing simple essays like writing about yourself or about your surrounding which doesn’t require complicated vocabulary.

If you think that you are doing better and now you can level up then you should go to the advanced level. Now you can go for the advanced topics or you can start writing your thoughts in the new language.


Take your favorite book and start reading it. After completing a paragraph assign yourself a task that you have to translate the whole paragraph into the language you are learning and you have to write it as well.

After writing the paragraph you can check it on different softwares and you can detect how much you are writing correctly and what level you are on. If you are improving every day, then you should continue this exercise of translation on the daily basis.


Start writing your daily reminders or shopping list in the language you are learning. In this way, you can go through the same words every day and you will be able to understand the style of using each word.

You can write your shopping list in the night on the daily basis and then you can stick reminders on your door in the same language. You will be able to learn new words soon and you will be perfect in writing.