Statistics can be a very powerful tool which can help you perform better especially when you are aiming for data science. Statistics is the basic use of maths which can help you perform the analysis of the data. It is a basic visualisation of a bar chart which can help give high level information. These statistics are generally use to make sure that they involve some help which can help concentrate on the conclusion which can help work on the data rather than just an estimation. Statistics is one of the those subjects for students where they ask someone else to do my statistics assignment for me. But statistics is a subject that can give you a deeper insight which is much more finer. This involves creating or generating data which is structured on the basis of data sciences which can work on techniques where they can get more information.

Statistical features

Statistical features is one of those subjects which can probably used to understand the statistical concepts in data science. It is the first stat which one applies to explore the dataset which generally includes things like bias, variance, mean, median, mode, percentile and others. These features are generally used to describe a few simple statistical features which are much easier to calculate. These statistical features are much more quick yet informative for you whole data.


Probability distribution

This is a concept which has a probability or chance that the event might occur. It commonly quantified within the range of 0 to 1, this is a possibility that the 0 represents that the event would not occur but 1 mans that there is a certain possibility that the even might occur. This probability distribution is a function which can help represent the probabilities of all the possible values. There are three probable distribution.

  • A uniform distribution is where the single value occurs in a certain range while anything out the range of Zero can be off.
  • A Normal Distribution is a very commonly used Gaussian distribution which can be defined by its mean and standard deviation.
  • A poisson Distribution helps understand and add the factor of skewness.

Dimensionality Reduction

Dimensionality Reduction is quite an intuitive process to understand. In this, we see that the dataset can be reduced with the number of dimension. There are also data science which can help understand the right feature variable. This is one of the most common statistic techniques which allows to decrease the dimensionality. PCA is creates a vector which helps represent the features which shows how important they are. They also can be used to understand the dimensionality reduction and style .


Math is a subject which has always followed a constant definition theorem which proof the structure of what you are trying to study. It does not matter if it is algebraic number or an analysis the structure the arguments are the same. Statistics is born out of necessity which can work on real data. This can be messy and does not give you a clean result. Statistics in itself is a separate discipline of math which can be different from maths as it is a study of uncertainty. Many statistician services use outliers which helps you remove or keep the data which is relevant and it is your judgement call.

Some common things that statistical models assume are

  • A random variable in Gaussian distribution
  • Two random independent variable
  • Two random variables which satisfy linear relationship
  • Variance is constant

When your data is a normal distribution there are certain when you have to decide where and how to break down the data to make it useful that can be applied to your judgement.

Classical vs Statistical Algorithms

There are many proofs on the ways to be sure about you being correct in both the mathematical and statistical way.

  • Non-Statistical methods use theory to justify their correctness by the mathematical means of construction and formalized runtime which behave according to their inputs.
  • Non-statistical algorithms focus on primarily on worst-case analysis to even out the worst possible input with the help of mathematical means.
  • A statistical method is good to help analyse the data and understand the process which can give rise to predictions which is a crucial aspect in evaluating these statistical algorithms.

Many of these approach is theoretical in nature and impractical when deciding which model works best for a dataset. There are theories which can serve as a guideline to help determine the best parameters.

Modelling the real world

  • Math and statistics is used as a tool where the model is used to understand the world in different ways which creates a clear model whereas statistics is the knowledge of uncertainty which tries to make sense of the data in randomness.
  • Math is good for modelling domains as the rules are logical and can be expressed with the help of equations which is just a process with a set of numbers which is easy to predict in real world. This helps create an ideal world where everything concludes with a version of reality.
  • Statistics is exceptionally good when the rules of the games are uncertain where the error is embraced and every value has a confidence interval.
  • The main down side of statistics is their work on sample size which requires you to collect data but maths understands system at a deeper and fundamental level.


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Tips for finding research paper sources that sets you apart

Finding a research paper for your assignments can be a difficult task, especially if you want to good paper. There are hundreds of papers submitted in the universities every month, and there is a very minute chance that your paper stands out in the pile as the teachers will have so many papers to evaluate, that they will hardly care to pay extra attention to your paper. Do not settle for less by turning in a dragged to finish the research paper. Try to gather as much information you can get and make a more creative paper. Research papers can increase your chances of getting into good universities and getting a job you desire if they are worthy. Here are some tips that you can use to make your paper interesting, effective, and informative, which will set your standards high among your fellow classmates.

Refer Wikipedia

Wikipedia is much more accurate than any other encyclopedia available on the internet. There are two important reasons why Wikipedia can be your mentor for doing research papers. One is that it will give you information on any topic that you want. It will provide you with a vast field of information for the topic that you want to write the paper on. Also, it will give you the links to similar ideas that you might require for exploring more in your topic. Second is that you will find the citations and sources at the bottom of the article, which provides the links to different papers on the internet. So, Wikipedia can be your gateway to the papers which are difficult to find otherwise.

Refer Library

What else will solve the trouble of getting the information other than a well-stocked library? After Wikipedia, it is the best source to find the books which you need to write your paper. Take the keywords from the knowledge you get from Wikipedia and go to the school or nearest library and search for the best books. This will take time, but if you can find the best book which answers all your question, your work is 90 percent finished. Now all you need to do is put down the right information in your research paper through the sources you compiled.

Mix up your sources

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Reasons Why Statistics Are Important

Statistics are indeed a set of mathematical equations that we need and utilize to analyze things and events in our everyday lives. It keeps us well informed about what is happening and how much is happening in the world and at what pace as well. Statistics is the main reason we even know the population of the planet, or how much money a movie makes when it is in theatres, how many views a YouTube video gets, I could literally go on for pages about the real world application of statistics. We use this information and actually have jobs relating to statistics, jobs like statistical analysts, statistical data collector and many more. Below I have mentioned some reasons why statistics is important to us. If you need access for more info check some reliable site which will provide you with all the information that you need.

Statistics Graph

A lot of people watch weather reports and forecasts. I am sure they have never thought to wonder where they even get this information. Computers have statistical technologies that make estimations and give out a result and then the weather reporters, come out and report it on the news. The forecasters actually take in these reports using machines that are designed to make predictions about the weather. They compare prior weather conditions to current conditions and then make predictions about future conditions.

Researchers largely use statistics because they use the data to make relevant observations and predictions relating to their work. The relevance of data is incredibly important because if it not, it may result loss of other data, money and also a lot of time; because if data is misinterpreted, it would take a lot of time and effort to correct the mistakes that have already been done.

Everybody has some kind of insurance, don’t they? It can be medical, home, car, etc. Based on an individuals’ application, most businesses use statistical models so that they can calculate the risks when giving them insurance. This is why most insurance companies do not grant insurances to people who have a medical history filled with multiple illnesses. The statistical data may show that they may fall badly sick again and may need a huge insurance pay-out.

Statistics undoubtedly plays a huge role in the field of medicine. Before the drugs are prescribed, a pharmaceutical company must show how statistically valid the drug can be when it comes to effectiveness on the human body. Statistics are always behind most of the studies in the medical industry.

Every day in our lives, we make use of statistics without even realizing it. We unconsciously use it for things like how much sugar we put in our coffee, how much milk is required for the cereal that we have poured out, how much fuel we need to get to work, how much food we need to get through the day.

Tips for writing on boring subjects like geometry

Writing an article is a very tough project as you need to conduct plenty of research before you start writing a paper. However, when you use your writing skills properly, you can easily write an article on any topic you want but it takes a lot of effort to reach that position. Once you have mastered the research skills you can easily write a creative and engaging article on any topic.

But there are some complicated subjects that may still bring a thought to your mind that you’re still a beginner because those subjects are so much boring that you get tired immediately after starting your research. Subjects like geometry are so much boring that even the expert writers avoid taking the subjects that involve geometry in them.

Geometry is such a boring subject that you’ll sometimes even find some lecturers requesting that will you please do my geometry paper research for me. However, you can turn this weakness to your greater strength by following the tips we have shared in this article. The most important thing about boring subjects is that there isn’t enough competition and you can easily win as many projects as you want because most the writers usually avoid working on such subjects.

Here are some amazing tips that can be used to write interesting content on boring subjects.

Fun and entertainment

The best way of writing on boring subjects like geometry is to write in a fun and entertaining way because these subjects are so much boring that people do not want to read boring content to understand the difficulties of these subjects. You must learn the art of converting these boring subjects to some fun and entertainment so the readers may appreciate your work.

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More research

The research is the most important element for writing excellent quality articles but when it comes to writing about the boring subject, you need to conduct more and more research as compared to the easier subjects. This may take more than the expected time but you can also charge a higher amount for the time you’ve consumed to research a topic. Most of the people understand the difficulties of such subjects and they happily agree to pay you more money once you provide them the best quality work.

Watching videos

The videos are the best way of understanding the boring subjects. So, you can easily watch a video about a topic that is assigned to you and then you can simply start writing your piece of paper about that topic. This will help to make this process easier for you.